SORAsound is a hi-fi, high-end audio business.

Our mission is to bring you the joy of music. SORAsound is the exclusive North American distributor for ZYX Co. products including world famous ZYX cartridges. We are perfectionists, never compromising on quality and service. We love music, admire beauty and functionality combined with high quality/performance. Our artisans are high integrity and sincere. The products we carry are works of art that stay true to music. You will be proud to own them.      


SORAsound is named after our son, SORA. In Japanese, SORA means “sky.” The kanji characters of his name represent “universe” or “cosmos.” My name is Mehran. My wife, Nami is my favorite singer. She happens to be SORA’s favorite person in the whole world.    


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ZYX UNIverse Premium review by Richard H. Mak.

Moerch DP8

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