SORAsound is a hi-fi, high-end audio business.

SORAsound is the global distributor for ZYX UNIverse cartridges.  SORAsound is the exclusive North American distributor for ZYX Co. products including world famous ZYX cartridges, Amazon Audio turntables, and Moerch tonearms, and RCM Audio phono stages.

We  provide high-end moving coil phono cartridges including ZYX phono cartridges, tone-arms, turntables, phono stages, amplifiers, preamps, speakers, CD players/DACs/Transports and audio racks.




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ZYX UNIverse Optimum Review by Richard H. Mak.

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UNIverse Optimum


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ZYX Ultimate ASTRO, and VRT12 vibration noise remover. Please call.


Our mission is to bring you the joy of music.

We are perfectionists, never compromising on quality and service. we search for uniqueness and high performance, high quality products. The manufacturers we represent are great artisans who are sincere, and possess a high degree of integrity. The products we carry are works of art that stay true to music. You will be proud to own them.

We distribute ZYX cartridges. We carry four great phono cartridges:
You would love to own one of our Kronos tables: 

We represent KL Audio and HANNL record cleaning machines to keep your records at their best.

Our digital front end is dream come true: EMM Labs and 47 lab.  Our amps and preamps include the exotica – 47 Lab,  AbsolareVAC and more familiar names such as LAMM Industries, Tom Evans and Jeff Rowland Design Group (JRDG).

Our speakers are works of art by Raidho speakers of Denmark.

SORAsound equipment sit resonance free on gorgeous audio racks by Harmonic Resolution Systems (HRS), Nordost and Ansuz Acoustics isolation gems. We use NORDOST cables including the majestic ODIN, Ansuz, Cardas, Furutech, Purist Audio Design, Siltech and Stealth Audio Cables; cleaning our power with NORDOST Quantum products and of course Ansuz Acoustics.


SORAsound is named after our son, SORA. In Japanese, SORA means “sky.” The kanji characters of his name represent “universe” or “cosmos.” My name is Mehran. My wife, Nami is my favorite singer. She happens to be SORA’s favorite person in the whole world.