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May 20, 2009 :: 3 Comments

no idea how to run this. essentially, i am thinking of running this as my corner, a space i can use to express my ever evolving thoughts on some (un)related issues.

3 responses to “a blog is a blog is a blog….”

  1. Steve West says:

    Hi Mehran,

    I hope I am honored to the first blogger on your new site – great job, more dynamic!!

    I wonder sometimes about the relevance of our hobby these days and hope we can think about “Audio” in its broader contexts and impact in the world of sound and music.

    The high end audio sector is very much a cottage industry, especially in comparison to mainstream digital audio an convergent sound and vision technologies. Yet, there are really interesting activities and perspectives in audio clusters like Japan for example, that we don’t really have a good view on. Certainly in Canada and the US our hobby has dimensions that work in large rooms, versus audio in other countries that has to adapt to smaller environments. As tomorrows world moves to a much more urban model, home dwellings, even in N. America, will become smaller for the mainstream.

    I hope we can think about our passion in a more holistic context and discuss the societal value of music and sound and perhaps how we should think about audio making a better world for everyone, not just a privileged few.



  2. mehran says:

    dear steve…yes, my friend. you are the first and as always i appreciate your thoughtfulness.

    as we both know the most difficult thing about change, is accepting it.
    and as one said, “who wants change, things are bad as is.”

    hopefully consumers can vote with their pocket book and force the inevitable…change toward the holistic view, appreciation of the sound and music; and making the best performance/value ratio available to common folks like me.

    thanks again and have a good week.

  3. Vladimir Camacho says:

    Audiophiles are certainly a unique breed. Unfortuntely, with the proliferance of digital audio (CD and MP3), the public’s ear has been “dumbed down”. Then, at the other end, the more vocal of the audiophiles can be very snobbish. I have experince at the high-end audio market, and the prices do not lend themselves to the mainstream either.

    The public’s ear ear needs to be exposed to high-end audio to appreciate what they are missing by listening to IPODs…I would focus on the lounge scene first…

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