Arthur Salvatore’s website. To me, this is the most informative audiophile related website in the cyberspace. You may not agree with Arthur but you will never question the man and his intention. He has taught a lot of us plenty. To this day, Arthur’s website is one of the first places I turn to for audio related information. This is Jerry Seigel’s website. Jerry is a fair reviewer and has great ears. Above all, he is a very good person. Jerry buys most, if not all his review equipment. He does not accept advertising on his website so he does not owe anyone any favors. For no fluff, no bias, thoughtful and professional reviews, I refer to Jerry Seigel’s website.

SORAsound NEWS listings. This is only a listing of SORAsound NEWS items. Helps you select which NEWS you want to read, or re-read. Go back and refresh your memory! All informative.

SORAsound BLOG listings. A simple listing of SORAsound BLOG. Allows you to pick and choose easily what you want to read. All fun.


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