My wife, Nami, graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Art – Department of Vocal Music, Japan’s premier arts and music school. Although classically trained as a soprano, Nami’s singing portfolio ranges from very soft angelic to opera, jazz, rock and pure nuts.

In Denmark, her band OPERA followed the queen’s speech during the Arhis Festival 1995. In 2002, she had a solo recital at Japan’s esteemed Suntory Hall.

Here is what some credible people say about Nami’s music:

Daniel Charles: “…contains precisely the exaggerated declamation, the quaver, the feminine shrill… all this and more… Nami’s genius to be able to measure with such extreme precision and refinement every vocal effect used.”

Nice-Matin [of France]: “…two leather-wearing Japanese in a performance that would have blown away the entire zenith.”

Mainichi Shinbun [a major Japanese newspaper]: “…a pleasant sensation… broke all preconceived notions… border-less… their costume, acting like wind-up dolls out of fellini’s world.”

Music World [of Canada]: “…an exercise in vocal madness that has Tokyo nammy cackle, quacka and honk as if convinced that such was humankind’s ultimate aim.”

Mehran: “It is really good. SORA must be better…”

*** She is on over 20 CDs, a few of them on Epic Sony. Below you see description of some of the CDs.

Nami Mehran Collaboration

This is a great recording with Mehran as the executive producer. Of course Nami’s great voice and others mastery of their instruments have something to do with our success!

Some classify this CD as progressive rock. I can see why. Some of the tracks are hard to describe. “In the Dream” touches your soul.

Nami’s redition of HELP by John Lennon and Alabama Song are guaranteed to wake you up.

This is really good stuff.

Price $25.


This is voice and koto.

When we had a concert in San Francisco, a few people walked out. Guess they were thinking “Koto… wow… must be great new age music right from Japan!” This is not kitaro. This ain’t Kenny G. either.

Price $20.

Hymne — The Eccentric Opera TEO

This is mainly re-arranged french 60s pop music. The CD is pretty hard to find now. You can get it on for about $30 to $45.

Paradiso — The Eccentric Opera

This is a good mix and Mehran’s favorite among the Eccentric Opera CDs. You can order it from Normally over $35. Hard to find.