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violet hour

August 7, 2009 :: Tags: :: Comment

violet hour, in the wicker park/bucktown area of chicago is one of the best bars i have been to in america. mainly because it does not look like a bar and you can have a nice conversation there. the drinks are innovative to say the least. from outside, it looks like a building with a lot of graffiti on the (outer) walls. feels like inside you would find skin heads. well, you do. after all, i have no hair. gravity. inside, it is a very elegant place like some of the better bars in amsterdam or tokyo. labor intensive drinks, and munchies like fried reese peanut butters.

schwa restaurant in chicago

August 6, 2009 :: Tags: :: Comment

mehran and his iphone dined at schwa restaurant tonight. chef michael carlson is one of the most innovative chefs i know of. tonight’s desert was frozen fois gras (yes), pound cake, strawberry gell, and strong black pepper ice cream. so good. the second desert course was beet ice cream with the essence of bitter bacon made by a barman from violet hour. i know this writing does not sound appetizing. blame it on me. once you see and taste the food, you will love it. the setting is unpretentious and intimate (13 small tables), and it takes about two to three months to get in (after the initial few weeks it takes them to return your call). thanks michael and the crew.

lyra titan i phono cartridge arriving

July 26, 2009 :: Tags: , :: Comment

mehran orange lamborghini bmy lyra titan has arrived from japan and is on its way to me. really excited. i will be putting in on my aas gabriel davinci audio tunrtable, and davinci grandezza reference tonearm. a few people in the industry we have talked to say the lyra titan and davinci grandezza are a match made in heaven. more to report….one thing for sure is that i need another tonearm for my aas gabriel turntable to try more cartridges easily.

stay hungry … stay foolish

July 24, 2009 :: Comment

attached please find a link to steve job’s stanford commencement speech in 2005. ¬†this is one of the best speeches i have ever heard. ¬†motivating, to the point, and enjoyable. steve jobs at his best. well, almost.

AMAZON REFERENZ turntable, TRI-PLANAR tonearm and MIYAJIMA LAB phono cartridge

July 20, 2009 :: Tags: , , :: Comment

my miyajima lab cartridge was shipped to me today. i expect to put it on my AMAZON AUDIO’s REFERENZ turntable and tri-planar tonearm.