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AMAZON REFERENZ turntable, TRI-PLANAR tonearm and MIYAJIMA LAB phono cartridge

July 20, 2009 :: Tags: , , :: Comment

my miyajima lab cartridge was shipped to me today. i expect to put it on my AMAZON AUDIO’s REFERENZ turntable and tri-planar tonearm.

room acoustics – becoming of SORAsound

July 19, 2009 :: Comment

i have been looking for good room acoustics and such. i hate ugly, tacky, or cheezy stuff which frankly includes most stuff i have seen. if you have any thoughts/suggestions for good products i should buy and/or represent, please do let me know via posting in the comments section or sending me an email to info@sorasound.com or sorasound@me.com please. i value your opinion.

the publican restaurant, chicago

July 19, 2009 :: Comment

today, i invited an out of country guest to the publican restaurant for brunch. aside from some exotic beer, we had the following meals by great chef/audiophile, paul kahan and his team:

  • fresh ricotta with figs and hazelnuts
  • waffle with maple butter and berries
  • weiswurst with organic hannah’s bretzel and bavarian mustard
  • pork shoulder sandwich
  • maple syrup smoked bacon
  • some kind of pound cake/coffee cake (mehran’s weakness)

shelter phono cartridges

July 16, 2009 :: Tags: , :: Comment

tomorrow i will be receiving a shelter 9000, a shelter 7000, a shelter 901, and a shelter 501 cartridge. not bad for SORAsound’s start in the world of shelter phono cartridges.

lyra dorian mono phono cartridge

July 7, 2009 :: Tags: , :: 1 Comment

Lyra-Dorian-Monoups is delivering my lyra dorian mono cartridge today. here is a real mono cartridge at an affordable price ($1,110). this is a real mono cartridge.