5/5 review of ZYX ASTRO by Analog magazine of Japan

January 20, 2020 :: Comment

Congratulations to Nakatsuka san of ZYX for his latest achievement. Ultimate Astro received a 5 out of 5 rating by the highly respected Analog magazine of Japan.


December 17, 2019 :: Comment

Dec. 17, 2019. Dear friends, tonight I was mugged and my iPhone got stolen. I had to have my data erased remotely. There is a high chance i have lost your info. I expect to get a new phone tomorrow Dec. 18, 2019 but if you need to reach me, please email or leave your phone number.  Thank you.

ZYX Ultimate Astro

December 10, 2019 :: Comment

We are delighted to have ZYX Ultimate ASTRO, Nakatsuka san’s latest invention.  Please contact us for details.

SORAsound representing Cardas, Purist Audio Design, and Siltech

July 15, 2019 :: Comment

SORAsound is proud to be representing 3 new lines of cables:

This is in addition to our existing wonderful lines of cables Ansuz Acoustics and Stealth Audio Cables. Please contact us for auditioning any of these.

Nordost ODIN 2 on sale.

November 4, 2018 :: Comment

We have a few Nordost ODIN 1 and ODIN 2, Qbase8, Qkore on sale. Preference goes to existing North American customers. Please call us for details.