SORAsound in St. Louis

November 13, 2011 :: Tags: :: Comment

SORAsound will be visiting an associate and audiophiles in St. Louis area. If you are in St. Louis or on the way from Chicago, holler! For your enjoyment, we always carry some ZYX, Moerch and a few other goodies with us.

Audiophiles of Michigan & Toronto

October 22, 2011 :: Tags: :: Comment

SORAsound will be visiting friends and associates, great audiophiles of Michigan and Toronto next week. For details and/or visits please email me.  As always, I travel with my ZYX.

SORAsound Represents Raidho Speakers of Denmark

October 19, 2011 :: Tags: , :: Comment

Love of Denmark, love of speakers, love of great sound. Adding to our great lineup of speakers that includes Musical Affairs of The Netherlands by my dear friend, Hans Kortenbach, and AMAZON Audio of Germany created by Hartmut Janssen, we are now representing Raido speakers. We will be posting more info in the products page. For the time being, drool over the pictures.

We took note of Raidho through high praise from our friends at Nordost Corporation. Raidho speakers are a great match for the amplifiers from LAMM Industries  and Jeff Rowland Design Group. In fact, Jeff Rowland has been very impressed with their sound and has demonstrated his equipment with Raidho in some shows.

A few phone calls, some discussions, and a couple of auditions at the RMAF 2011 in Denver, set our heart on these beauties. Please call for details and better yet, make an appointment to check out these beauties.



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We are happy to see that The Audio Beat declared our room as Best of Show at RMAF 2011 held a few days ago. This is to a great part thanks to our friends at Volti Audio with their amazing horn speakers as well as DSA line stage and phono stage. My dear friend Ming of GOTO USA arranged the room and took care of lots of things. I can not thank him enough.

SORAsound showed AMAZON REFERENZ, Moerch DP8 tonearm, and ZYX Omega cartridge. The sound was great. Personally, I do not think we went out of our way to make the room sound good. In general, I am not so keen on shows. I mainly look forward to meet customers in person.

Given that, I spend a lot of time outside our own room, meeting manufacturers, checking out other products, and meeting customers I have talked to on the phone or emailed with but had never met in person. During this time my friend Hans Henrik Moerch and his wife, Benedikte stayed in the room all the time, taking care of the analog rig, and explaining their tonearm to visitors.  Hans Henrik is a perfectionist and very detailed oriented. Seen in this picture he is adjusting his poster, making sure it is straight. By the same token when he makes tonearms, not only he checks them out under light many times for consistency, he checks them under sun shine too!

Thanks again to the great team we had at RMAF and to The Audio Beat for their recognition of our room.



SORAsound and Lamm Industries….

September 21, 2011 :: Tags: :: Comment

SORAsound is pleased to announce we are now representing the great line of Lamm products.

After many of our customers told us about these fine products, and one insisted that Lamm is “as natural as breathing,” finally I got moving and decided to represent Lamm Industries.

This also demonstrates SORAsound’s commitment to its customers and growth plan despite the great economy we have been experiencing.

I have some plans for Lamm, and will be playing with it in the next couple of weeks in some fun combinations. Stay tuned.