Omaha, Los Angeles, New York and Denver (RMAF)

August 8, 2011 :: Comment

In the next few weeks SORAsound will be visiting associates and friends in Omaha, Los Angeles, and New York. We will also be attending RMAF in Denver showing ZYX Phono cartridges, Moerch tonearms, AMAZON REFERENZ and RCM Audio. Please make sure we say Hi.

Puerto Rico & San Francisco Visits

June 22, 2011 :: 2 Comments

A few days in Puerto Rico and a quick hop in San Francisco during month of July …. and of course available at our Chicago showroom for your visit. Call us for appointments.

Check out our latest and greatest ZYX cartridges, DaVinci Audio showroom, AMAZON Audio REFERENZ turntable, Moerch tonearm, RCM Audio, Triplanar tonearms, and many more equipment. All under one roof.

A new DaVinci Audio in-Unison with three tonearms (DaVinci Audio, Graham, and Triplanar) is arriving in July as well.

ZYX Warranty, Grey Market — Important Note

June 3, 2011 :: Tags: , :: 3 Comments

Please note that ZYX cartridges carry a one year non-transferable direct manufacturer’s warranty when purchased from an authorized distributor or dealer. We have seen un-authorized individuals or businesses claiming to sell new cartridges (at times claiming warranty). Please be cautious.

We are aware of altered serial numbers, used cartridges sold as “new in box,” and downright damaged cartridges. If you have doubts, please ask for the serial number first and let us know. We can provide appropriate information for you such as the date of manufacture, country where warranty is valid, if at all.

Rest In Peace, Bernard Salabert of PHY-HP

May 18, 2011 :: Tags: , :: Comment

We are sad to let you know of Bernard Salabert’s passing on May 16, 2011.

Bernard was a genius when it came to audio, and reproducing sound. He saw his works as art and not as a business. Lucky those of us who have had his drivers and can enjoy them for the rest of our lives. My Musical Affairs speakers with PHY units will never leave my home.

Rest In Peace Bernard. Thanks for the joy you have given us.

San Francisco and Dallas Visits

May 4, 2011 :: Comment

SORAsound is visiting associates in San Francisco and Dallas mid May. Please contact us for details and appointments.