Japan Charity Auctions

March 17, 2011 :: Tags: :: Comment

Tom Evans Audio Design, RCM Audio, ZYX UNIverse and our entire inventory of high quality digital stylus gauges.

SORAsound is glad to put certain items on auction to benefit the victims of Japan earthquake.

Special thanks to my dear friend Tom Evans who has offered a 20th anniversary edition Groove for auction, starting at $1.

If you can not bid, please consider donating any amount to the Red Cross or any other association helping victims of this disaster. Thanks for your support.

Japan – When Bad Things Happen to Good People……..

March 12, 2011 :: Tags: :: Comment

Devastating earthquake. Have been feeling too numb to write.  Nicholas Kristoff said it well today in his NY Times article “Sympathy for Japan, and Admiration.” Watch Japan in the coming days and weeks, and I bet we can also learn some lessons.”

I have been emailing/texting friends in Japan. One was under her table while writing. All wrote about how shaken they are – emotionally.

With prayers, and hope.

Congratulations to RCM Audio

March 5, 2011 :: Tags: , :: Comment

My dear friend, Alex of A10 Audio (great source of music in Amsterdam) informed me today that the leading Dutch Magazine MusicEmotion has reviewed RCM Sensor Prelude IC Phono Stage in their February 2011 edition. The review is in Dutch. A couple of highlights:

Title: Very Good and absolutely worth every penny.

End conclusion: Neutral, Tonally ballanced, low noisefloor, very dynamic, lets you hear all 3D space cues, communicates warmth present on the LP.

Congratulations to Roger Adamek of RCM Audio picture who also happens to be a real good photographer too aside from an amazing audio manufacturer who never compromises on quality.

This is the second review of RCM Audio equipment in The Netherlands. In another review, HiFi Journal of The Netherlands says (text translated): “The RCM Sensor Prelude IC clearly isn’t a ‘me-too’ product but the result of thorough investigation and long listening sessions. Sonically, it has a rather unique mix of clarity and grooviness. Many a ‘clear’ sounding component tends to sound somewhat lean or even stuck-up. The RCM is fully fleshed out in it’s presentation which, in combination with a strong PRaT factor results in a moving reproduction of swing (obviously, that had to be present at the time of recording; a below-par rhythm section will be reproduced as such by the RCM). The most special thing about this Phono stage is that it doesn’t position itself at one side of the ‘pleasure verses perfection’ dilemma. Detail? Yes. Transparency? Absolutely, but combined with a very good sense of musical communication. The Sensor Prelude IC raises the delicate signal of a Moving Coil cartridge with care, dedication and enthusiasm. Very,very, highly recommended.”

Please read more about RCM Audio.

Happy 2011

January 1, 2011 :: Comment

Happy New Year.

2010 turned out to be a good year for SORAsound. As always, of course SORA has been the main focus of our lives. Business wise, SORAsound started working with a few new manufacturers, and parted ways with some others. For example, while we have expanded our analog offerings, in the digital arena, we primarily offer EMM Labs and 47 Labs now.

Also, some may notice that we have cleaned up SORAsound website. As always we appreciate and listen to your advice.

May 2011 be a happy and healthy year for you and your loved ones.

SORA is 8 Years Old.

December 15, 2010 :: Tags: :: Comment

My gorgeous little boy is 8 years old today. One may say he does not qualify as “little boy” anymore.

I’m out of country again and missing his birthday. Most days, and in particular since his birth, when I remember and have my head on the shoulder (as the French would say), I count my blessings. On the top of the list, I feel blessed for having a happy, healthy kid we are so proud of. No different from any other parents, of course.

Being a father is the best thing that has happened in my life (yes, much better than music and toys including audio goodies). When you are a father, you’re willing to give your life for your children. In the meantime, your own life becomes more valuable to you, because it has been enriched, and because you know a little soul depends on it.

Anyways, off the soapbox. Happy birthday my lovely boy.