Hans Kortenbach Outdone Himself Again

April 22, 2010 :: Tags: , , :: 3 Comments

Just received my new Musical Affairs Grand Crescendo speakers. Hans Kortenbach has outdone himself again. This is the latest and greatest model with improved internal bracing. A beauty. These speaker are hand made and do look handmade, like a beautifully made musical instrument.

SORA played Lady Gaga this morning. He and I like Lady Gaga for different reasons (who knows maybe some of the same). SORA agreed that my music system composed of DaVinci Audio, Nordost Cables, Harmonic Resolution Systems custom made rack, 47 Lab Flatfish, and EMM Labs‘ great digital equipment sounds better than his Macbook. Now as fathers and audiophiles, we should all yearn for such seal of approval.

Please read more on Musical Affairs, and watch Hans on YouTube.

SORAsound digital report — 2009

December 20, 2009 :: Tags: , , , , , :: Comment

SORAsound is known as an analog source. during last few years, we made a conscious decision to bring to you some of the best digital equipment available including cd/SACD players, DACs, transports, and of course ipod transports and more.

our flagship line is EMM Labs. we love EMM SACD players so much that always have them in stock, in the box, ready to ship. 47 lab digitals, flatfish transport and progression DAC are my all time favorite jewels. 47 lab pit racer is a classic. yes, you read it right… a classic!

wadia pushing the envelop all the time and providing you with tank built quality products in all price ranges and yes, an ipod transport as well. you got to start somewhere anyways. last but not least, oracle audio with their sculptural cd players.

prices range from a modest few hundred dollars to about $30,000. most these manufacturers let us only advertise at suggested retail price. every now and then we run some great specials.

looking forward to what 2010 may bring us in the digital realm.

SORA is seven years old!

December 15, 2009 :: Tags: :: 2 Comments

sora macbooktoday is SORA’s seventh birthday. so many things have happened these seven years. the best of all is of course SORA’s birth.

daddy’s gift to him: a new macbook.

party with his friends at pump it up; then more party at home.

sold out – canrong digital stylus guage

December 4, 2009 :: 6 Comments

we are sold out of canrong  digital stylus guage. we wish canrong people and those who carry their products the best. SORAsound is considering providing another digital stylus guage to its customers. thanks for your patience.

RCM Audio dealer requests welcome

December 2, 2009 :: Tags: :: Comment

SORAsound always does its best to price our import products at about their price in their home country. this unfortunately means that we do not have the normal margins many other products carry. having said this, we will be happy to talk to interested parties to represent RCM Audio in certain territories.