musical affairs cable stand and speaker support…

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musical affairs cable standwhenever i call hans kortenbach of musical affairs speaker fame in his little village close to amsterdam, he and his friends seem to be experimenting with something. so, is this voodoo or what? but some have reported improvement by not placing your cables on the floor. and the ever obliging hans, made these.

musical affairs audio rack

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SORAsound collection of audio racks includes four great products: Harmonic Resolution Systems’ HRX, finite elemente master pagode reference series, rixrax, and musical affairs custom made audio racks.

musical affairs stand pic 1it is well known that hans kortenbach of musical affairs makes great speakers using PHY drivers. what is less known is that he makes some great custom made audio racks too.

SORAsound is proud to introduce musical affairs audio rack to you. this particular rack weighs about 250 lbs and has a CD shelf built in at the bottom. all expertly matched to your crescendo speakers too!

musical affairs stand pic 2

AMAZON audio turntables and MOERCH tonearms

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SORAsound has been representing amazon audio and moerch for a few years now. there are a couple of companies in north america that claim on their websites they are authorized dealers for these items. they are not! in one case, the company still claims on their website they are moerch distributor. we asked them a few years ago a few times to move that from their website. they did not do that. please contact SORAsound if you are interested in any of the AMAZON audio turntables or moerch tonearms and we take care of you ourselves or via one of our authorized partners.

graham phantom, tri-planar and moerch tonearms

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just a reminder that we have graham phantom, tri-planar, and moerch tonearms in stock. part of our great service to you is ensuring that you do not have to wait for the products you order via SORAsound. this includes graham, triplanar, and moerch, each of which requires a while to get.

golden ear award for davinci audio aas gabriel turntable and grandezza tonearm

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davinci audio is pleased to receive a golden ear award for its aas gabriel turntable and grandezza tonearm. for further details, please see the writing.