lyra cartridges

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SORAsound now represents lyra phono cartridges. i have heard of lyra since the time i got in analog. i have heard highly of jonathan carr for the last few years and have come to know him a bit in the past few months. and i have known stig for the last few years. and hartmut of amazon audio had been pushing me to go for the line for so many years. why did it take so long? well, count it to my lack of experience and having mistakenly put all my eggs in one basket. now, we represent lyra and have all the intention of demonstrating to our audiophile friends how good the lyra cartridges are.

SORAsound and ZYX

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SORAsound has been built on the guiding principles of bringing the audiophile community true value for money, world-class customer service and integrity. as a result of new marketing strategies implemented by ZYX, we will not be replenishing our inventory of ZYX products. our existing stock meets our definition of true value, especially with our revised pricing. for our wonderful loyal customers, please be assured that all ZYX products sold by SORAsound are covered by the manufacturer’s full warranty, and that cartridges can be retipped by the manufacturer if needed. if you’re seeking the highest return on your investment in an audiophile cartridge, now is the time to buy. we sincerely wish ZYX the best.

the absolute sound review: davinci audio aas gabriel turntable and grandezza tonearm

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jonathan valin of the absolute sound reviews davinci peter in munichda vinci audio labs’ aas gabriel turntable and grandezza tonearm in the march 2009 issue of the absolute sound. result: “hats off, gentlemen.”

attached is the pdf version of the review.

musical affairs grand crescendo speakers by hans kortenbach

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musical affairs paul speakers Grand Crescendo Coax SAG - Zebrano1hans kortenbach outdid himself again. this time, for my good friend and audiophile, paul. please see the picture of hans’s latest musical affairs grand crescendo speakers using 30 mm PHY drivers.

musical affairs speakers are made one at a time and take a few months to build a pair. these speakers are totally handmade. the cabinets are lighter than the drivers. when you play the music and touch the speakers, you can feel the resonance, similar to the way a musical instrument like cello or violin would feel. this helps the break in process and as time passes, you will just love your speakers more and feel they are even more custom made for you.

harmonic resolution systems audio racks

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SORAsound now represents harmonic resolution systems (HRS) audio racks. on order: lamborghini green custom made top of the line audio rack for SORAsound. as always, the best.