DaVinciAudio Labs turntable, tonearm, cartridge and electronics

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DaVinciAudio Labs is best known for their tonearms which are works of art. but they make an array of top line equipment including drop dead gorgeous turntables, tube amps, cables, and more. our representation of DaVinciAudio demonstrates solid affirmation for SORAsound’s capability to represent some of the highest end products in the world. we now represent some of the best tonearms in the world including moerch, triplanar, graham engineering, and of course now DaVinciAudio.

their turntable aas gabriel is a beauty. maybe i will get myself an orange one someday with their grandezza tonearm and grandezza cartridge. now, that is an idea.

SORAsound is now representing audio tekne

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SORAsound is now representing audiotekne makes tube amps, preamps and phono stages as well as tonearms, cartridges and cables.

jeff rowland design group

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SORAsound is now representing jeff rowland design group (JRDG). jeff rowland makes great amps and preamps which happen to be beautiful too. like all SORAsound products.

47 lab electronics and miyabi 47 phono cartridge

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i started my audiophile journey with 47 labs while living in tokyo. i loved the jewels: flat fish, power humpty, power dumpty, the thin interconnects ,the gaincard, name it. they make and for years have recommended them to my customers. suddenly it occurred to me: why not represent them? aha!

emm labs

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SORAsound now represents emm labs from canada. everyone in this hobby knows of ed meitner and his great products.