SORAsound and gallery

April 19, 2007 :: Tags: :: Comment

SORAsound is now officially SORAsound and gallery… given our love for (modern) arts, and beautiful functional arts (e.g. ceramics), we have decided to add a gallery to our line of business.

copulare audio racks

April 12, 2007 :: Tags: , :: Comment

SORAsound is now the north american distributor of copulare audio racks. after looking and looking, and a recommendation from one of my friends in germany, i decided to select copulare. to ensure our pricing is about the same as in germany, SORAsound only direct sells these items.

SORAsound is now in chicago

February 23, 2007 :: Tags: :: Comment

yes, we moved from one windy city to another. hopefully we love chicago as much as we love san francisco. interesting that lots are so small in the city that most people use garage decks and roof decks. so here is SORA in our “yard.”


November 20, 2006 :: Tags: , , , :: Comment

SORAsound is pleased to be representing atma-sphere. atma-sphere products include OTL amps and preamps.

nami’s new website

November 12, 2006 :: Tags: :: Comment

nami’s new website is up and running. for further info on her music, check out this website … and please give her cd produced by mehran a try! if you google her name (nami sagara, tokyo nami or the eccentric opera), you will see plenty of info and can listen to some of her music too.