nami’s new website

November 12, 2006 :: Tags: :: Comment

nami’s new website is up and running. for further info on her music, check out this website … and please give her cd produced by mehran a try! if you google her name (nami sagara, tokyo nami or the eccentric opera), you will see plenty of info and can listen to some of her music too.


November 6, 2006 :: Tags: , , :: Comment

SORAsound now represents wadia digital equipment that include dacs, transports, cd players and SACD players.

exact power

October 24, 2006 :: Tags: :: Comment

clean power? this is exact power. after a few of my customers raved about exact power, i decided to try it for myself. hearing (or not?) is believing. i liked them enough to want to represent them.

graham engineering tonearm

October 20, 2006 :: Tags: , :: Comment

SORAsound is now representing graham engineering. this is great news for us and for our customers. now, depending on your need and preference, you can have a graham phantom (left), a triplanar or a moerch tonearm… all from your local (well, local to your heart) audio joint, SORAsound.

rocky mountain audio festival: ZYX and moerch display

October 15, 2006 :: Tags: , :: Comment

preparing for the rocky mountain audio festival (RMAF). i will be having a few models of ZYX cartridges, and moerch tonearms with me and of course plenty of zerodusts. nakatsuka san of ZYX, shibazaki san and hans henrik moerch will be with me as well. i am hoping the rock ‘n roll boy pictured at right will grace me with his attendance. looking forward to meeting you in person.