mehran’s new speakers

October 14, 2006 :: Comment

my good friend, hans kortenbach just finished making my  new musical affairs speakers. they will be arriving soon. these are musical affairs’ latest speakers which are called crescendo. this particular model is the 20mm SAG version. the first two pictures below show my crescendos in hans kortenbach’s listening room in the netherlands.

SORAsound at RMAF

September 24, 2006 :: Tags: , :: Comment

after years of avoidance, i am “forced” to attend a show…. well, on the bright side, it is not in vegas. SORAsound will be attending rocky mountain audio fest (RMAF) from oct. 19 to 21st. chris brady has been kind enough to host me. i will have ZYX, moerch, and zerodusts with me. i am actually pretty excited about it and sincerely look forward to meeting many of the friends i have made in cyberspace….so, if you are going there, please let me know so i can look you up.

verdier turntables

September 15, 2006 :: Tags: , :: Comment

SORAsound now represents verdier turntables. lesser known, but very good but very good is the verdier line of tube amps, preamps, and phono stages. you can have it all.

ZYX R50 BLOOM phono cartridge

July 13, 2006 :: Tags: , :: Comment

ZYX R50 BLOOM was born for audiophiles with limited budget but champagne taste. why bloom? in all honesty, maybe i did not choose the most becoming name! i meant to indicate the blooming of a flower (i.e. entry level of ZYX phono cartridges line) and got carried away…after discontinuing R10, R20, and R30, we decided to have ZYX BLOOM (R50) as our entry level ZYX cartridge.  i can not imagine you can ever find such a great separation of channels and neutrality for such a price.

MÖRCH tonearms

June 1, 2006 :: Tags: , :: 1 Comment

SORAsound has accepted to become the north american (and rest of the americas) distributor for moerch tonearms from denmark. moerch, spelled by some as morch, but really MÖRCH, is designed and manufactured by hans henrik moerch. during a telephone ceremony, mr. moerch said mehran will certainly become the best distributor ever for moerch. as for us, we plan to oblige.

on permanent demo, a moerch up4 chrome, dp-6 gold 12 inch, and of course my own custom made black dp6 precision.