UNIverse Optimum

August 31, 2018 :: Comment

We are honored to announce UNIverse Optimum, the latest and greatest.  Please check out the review by Richard Mak.

Nagra Products — 40% off

May 21, 2018 :: Comment

We have the following Nagra items for sale:

Classic Integrated amp

Classic DAC

Classic CDT


Isolation bases.

These have less than 10 hours on them. In new condition. 

All box, manuals, etc. available.


Nordost ODIN 1 at 60% off retail

July 29, 2017 :: Comment

SORAsound is an authorized dealer for Nordost Supreme Reference products (i.e. the beloved ODIN). We have plenty of ODIN 2 and Valhalla 2 for your auditioning (territory restrictions apply).

We have plenty of ODIN 1 on sale.

Graham Elite 12 inch in stock

July 29, 2017 :: Comment

Y’all hurry up while they last!

Also Glanz, Moerch and more in stock.

Zerodusts $25 same price as in Japan

July 29, 2017 :: Comment

SORAsound provides Onzo Zerodusts to its existing customers for $25 (about same retail price as in Japan).

I have seen zerodusts for around $31 on Amazon and a bit higher on eBay.

For those who want the best and most effective means of cleaning your cartridges, stay tuned for what we offer from ZYX.

For those of you who prefer a less expensive means, we are trying out a product one of our dealers has recommended. Also many of our customers use Magic Eraser. Doug Deacon says “it works like a charm.”