SORAsound Represents Stealth Audio Cables

July 9, 2015 :: Comment

We are proud to be representing world class speaker cables, Stealth Audio. Please visit us to audition them and hear the great difference they make.

JRDG 625 S2 Stereo, Latest and Greatest Model

July 4, 2015 :: Comment

in shipment to SORAsound. Arrival on Monday. JRDG 625 got even better. Much better.  Hear it for yourself.

ZYX Mono Cartridges in Stock

July 4, 2015 :: Comment

I have just received ZYX Airy 3 and 4D in MONO.  Please contact me for details.

Miyajima Cartridges in Stock

July 4, 2015 :: Comment

I received the following new Miyajima cartridges: Stereo Cartridges – Kansui and Shilabe; Mono Cartridge – Zero.

Raidho D3 at SORAsound

July 4, 2015 :: Comment

We have received our lovely Raidho D3. Please make an appointment to take a listen.