ZYX UNIverse Premium

December 15, 2014 :: Comment

We are delighted to introduce ZYX UNIverse Premium today in honor of SORA’s 12th birthday.

Limited quantities available, primarily to our existing UNIverse customers. We will be showing it at CES 2015 with our friends from Lamm. There will also be a review published shortly.

For further details please contact me.

Happy 12th Birthday SORA…..

December 15, 2014 :: Comment

SORA is 12 years old.

Below is an introduction of SORA, in his own words, written a few months ago.

SORA 12th year cake

“I am an 11 year old boy, almost 12.

I am half Iranian and half Japanese but I look more Japanese than Iranian. My mom is Japanese and my dad is Iranian born.
I have long hair because I don’t want to cut it short.
I was born in Tokyo, Japan where I lived for 4 months.

I went on 3 plane rides when I was 4 months old. These were my first plane rides.
I have lived in 4 cities and 3 countries.
I have been to 15 countries and more than 40 cities so far.
I’ve been to 5 schools excluding preschool.
I became the great traveler!!!
Only one big problem is my ears hurt a lot and I hate airplanes ☹

I have played the violin and piano since I was 4. I joined the Chicago youth symphony orchestra last year. I used to do choir but stopped because instead I am attending orchestra class.

I also do karate and swimming. Right now I am an advanced yellow belt in the youth class. In swimming I am in Big 4 but after the season ends they said I will be in Big 5. So I am really happy but really tired because it’s going to be really hard in Big 5.

I like to play games like Wii, Ds, Minecraft, and others. I also like to play a lot with legos. My favorite video game is Minecraft right now. In Minecraft you can go on servers to play with your friends. I really like that and probably the only reason it is my favorite game since it is really fun playing with your friends. ”

KLAudio Ultrasonic Record Cleaners

October 22, 2014 :: Comment

SORAsound is now representing KLAudio Ultrasonic Record Cleaners. Beautiful and easy to use.

Specials at Amazing Prices

April 20, 2014 :: Comment

We have a big inventory of high quality items, most never used, all with less than 20 hours if any.

They include Nordost Valhalla, Tyr, Heimdal also ECHOLE cables.

Tom Evans Master Groove Phono stage, latest and greatest.

Jeff Rowland Design Group: 725, 825, Corus, and Aeris Dac.

RCM Audio Bonasus amp. Worth every ounce of its heavy weight.

DaVinci Audio 300B amp.

EMM Labs XDS1, and preamp.

Please contact us for details.



Tomoko’s Performance in Gouda…..

February 16, 2014 :: Comment

So tense, so powerful. One of the best performances I have been to in years.

tomoko Gouda