Specials at Amazing Prices

April 20, 2014 :: Comment

We have a big inventory of high quality items, most never used, all with less than 20 hours if any.

They include Nordost Valhalla, Tyr, Heimdal also ECHOLE cables.

Tom Evans Master Groove Phono stage, latest and greatest.

Jeff Rowland Design Group: 725, 825, Corus, and Aeris Dac.

RCM Audio Bonasus amp. Worth every ounce of its heavy weight.

DaVinci Audio 300B amp.

EMM Labs XDS1, and preamp.

Please contact us for details.



Tomoko’s Performance in Gouda…..

February 16, 2014 :: Comment

So tense, so powerful. One of the best performances I have been to in years.

tomoko Gouda


February 16, 2014 :: Comment

Years ago i lived in this beautiful city for a while. So every couple of years I have to come and say Hi. Visited a good friend of mine and went to a great performance by my friend, Tomoko Mukaiyama.

amsterdam bw 1

ANTWERP, Belgium

February 8, 2014 :: Comment

What a charming little city. I was lucky to have this view from my room.

antwerp from my room

SORA, Happy Birthday!!!!

December 14, 2013 :: Comment

Our gorgeous boy is 11 now. He is our life and our top source of pride and joy.

We celebrate his birthday with you, and wish you and your families a great day.

SORA 5 tuxedo


SORA excited by candles