JRDG 625 S2 Stereo, Latest and Greatest Model

July 4, 2015 :: Comment

in shipment to SORAsound. Arrival on Monday. JRDG 625 got even better. Much better.  Hear it for yourself.

ZYX Mono Cartridges in Stock

July 4, 2015 :: Comment

I have just received ZYX Airy 3 and 4D in MONO.  Please contact me for details.

Miyajima Cartridges in Stock

July 4, 2015 :: Comment

I received the following new Miyajima cartridges: Stereo Cartridges – Kansui and Shilabe; Mono Cartridge – Zero.

Raidho D3 at SORAsound

July 4, 2015 :: Comment

We have received our lovely Raidho D3. Please make an appointment to take a listen.

Raidho D1 in my favorite color, orange….

April 14, 2015 :: Comment

Looking forward to receiving my custom made Raidho D1 speakers in Orange with black stands….

D1 orange b