AMAZON Grand REFERENZ, Moerch DP8, UNIverse ii

March 7, 2013 :: Comment

How do you make a great product even greater? Make the GRAND version of it. Hartmut Janssen outdid himself again. Here is a picture of this wonderful set up with equally gorgeous Moerch DP8 and magnificent UNIverse ii.

GR focus on UNI ii b

Chicago Winter

March 7, 2013 :: Comment

We are having a great winter in Chicago this year. Who says Chicago has bad weather. Chicago is the best kept secret in America (aside from its unfortunate high crime rate). Even our snow is beautiful. Below view of our small yard from my snow

SORAsound representing Kronos Audio

January 30, 2013 :: Comment

We are happy to be representing Kronos Audio turntables and looking forward to receiving our unit in a few weeks.

We showed ZYX Omega with Kronos at CES 2012 and this year, we showed ZYX UNIverse ii. What a great combo.

Jeff Rowland 725 mono block and Corus preamp

December 22, 2012 :: Comment

We are now demonstrating JRDG 725 mono blocks and Corus preamp. So hard not to drool over these beauties. and the sound, gorgeous enough that a good friend and I stayed up till 3:30 a.m. listening to music.

Auctions towards funds for the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary school, CT

December 19, 2012 :: Comment

SORAsound is running some auctions on Audiogon towards funds for the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary School, CT. Half the proceedings from each auction will go towards such fund. If you do not bid, please consider contributing directly to a charity of your choice.

One reputable organization raising funds to help the victims and the community is the Sandy Hook School Support Fund. The fund is organized by the United Way of Western Connecticut in partnership with Newtown Savings Bank, a financial institution with its home in the local community. Except for credit card processing fees, 100% of donations go to the charity. United Way has waived its normal administrative fees.
Thanks for your consideration. Love to you and your families.