Core Audio visiting Chicago

April 23, 2013 :: Comment

Carlos taquilaMy dear friend and business partner, Carlos Espinosa and his partner, Alfonso visited SORAsound for a few days. We listened to a lot of good music, played with different combinations and had some amazing tequila.

Core Audio has access to all SORAsound products and is the Mexican distributor for all the products we distribute in North America. Carlos is one of the best and most honest people I know.

Tokyo, Seoul

April 15, 2013 :: Comment

Love Tokyo. Everyone knows about my affinity for Asia, Japan, and of course all cultures….Also visited Seoul after about 10 years. Somehow I managed to have most my pictures deleted. In the meantime, enjoy what I saw walking the streets of Seoul, Gangnam area.

seoul wedding

Happy Iranian New Year

March 20, 2013 :: Comment

First day of spring marks the beginning of the Iranian new year (Norouz). As a proud American, I still celebrate my Iranian heritage and hope SORA will do some of that.

Iran is a rich culture with great people. To the surprise of many, Iranian population as a whole is very pro-American. I hope more Americans can visit Iran and feel first hand the genuine love of the Iranian people.

Few weeks, maybe even a couple of months before the spring starts, Iranian families clean their houses real well. They wear all new clothing on the first day of spring, and embrace a new beginning. They put all the negative thoughts and feelings behind them, and welcome a fresh start.

May peace be upon us. May our love for each other grow.

Happy Iranian new year.10 pc haft seen

AMAZON Grand REFERENZ, Moerch DP8, UNIverse ii

March 7, 2013 :: Comment

How do you make a great product even greater? Make the GRAND version of it. Hartmut Janssen outdid himself again. Here is a picture of this wonderful set up with equally gorgeous Moerch DP8 and magnificent UNIverse ii.

GR focus on UNI ii b

Chicago Winter

March 7, 2013 :: Comment

We are having a great winter in Chicago this year. Who says Chicago has bad weather. Chicago is the best kept secret in America (aside from its unfortunate high crime rate). Even our snow is beautiful. Below view of our small yard from my snow