flying to amsterdam

August 16, 2009 :: Tags: , , :: 2 Comments

i had promised hans kortenbach (musical affairs speakers) to visit him for his 70th birthday which is a couple of weeks from now (but he will be on a trip then). so i am flying to amsterdam today. a good dutch friend of mine will pick me up from my hotel in the morning to drive to hans’s home which is about 60 kilometers from amsterdam.

despite having never met in person, hans kortenbach and i have developed a strong friendship. a few years ago when i was not selling many of his speakers, i told him maybe he should find a new distributor in north america. but hans told me that he likes and trusts me and wants to keep me. aside, he said he makes such a limited amount that my lack of sales is not an issue! i have done better since then.

amsterdam is dear to my heart. many years ago, i had lived in amsterdam for about year, in the rembrandtplein area. i had a small loft right in the corner of kaiserstraat and utrechtsestraat. my phone number was a very easy to remember (i forgot) number like 242-242222.

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  1. Tayfun says:

    Karen from Fever Ray is one half of “The Knife”. The other half is her brother, if I understand it correctly. Personally, I prefer The Knife, but you’re in for a treat in any case 🙂

  2. mehran says:

    dear tayfun, thanks for your comment and greetings from antalya, turkey. if there are any other music recommendations you have for me, please advice. i am pretty open to trying new music. thanks again.

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