happy thanksgiving …. and thanks to you…

November 26, 2009 :: Comment

turkey 2009no secret that thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. we had smoked turkey today. a small one, but delicious. as shitty as 2009 has been, there are still a lot of things i can thank for. mainly thanks to my audiophile friends, customers, and audiogoners for their support during 2009. thanks to my family for making our visit to iran so wonderful and memorable. thanks to other cartridge manufacturers and distributors who embraced me. thanks to those who taught me things i never learnt while completing two graduate business degrees, and after over 25 years in dog eat dog corporate america – mainly the extent of human greed and betrayal demonstrated through their actions. thanks to hartmut of amazon, hans of musical affairs, hans henrik ,moerch, jolanda and peter of davinci audio, roger of RCM Audio, tri mai of triplanar tonerams, bob graham, kent and joe of pass labs, shahin of EMM labs, ming of verdier, yoshi of sakura systems, ralph, HRX, nordost, wadia and wavac folks, tom evans, peter of soundsmith, stig of lyra, stan klyne, and more. thanks to the ZYX distributors who still support me and respect what i had/have done. thanks to the customers who supported me so much on audiogon, through their postings, and through their phone calls to me. thanks to robin wyatt, jerry seigel. and thom mackris. thanks to my louisiana customers turned spiritual friends in their own way. thanks to chris brady, todd and jason. thanks to frank schroeder whose beautiful tone-arm i have been waiting for a long, long time. thanks to dennis remmer, linden park, dr. richard weiner. thanks to jonathan carr of lyra who knows well that even though i may one day again become his best competitor, is still willing to help. thanks to roger gordon for being there. thanks to corkey – what a good friend he has become. thanks to arthur salvatore for his candidness and neutrality as well as teachings – to me, and the audio community. thanks to doug and paul for their tough love and more. thanks to SORA for being SORA. daddy gives his life for him. thanks to nami who has all SORA’s love and my admiration. thanks to many others who probably prefer it if i do not name them here.  happy thanksgiving all…..

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