Amazon Audio

(Please note our dear friend Hartmut is enjoying his retirement as of March 18, 2019.  He will continue to provide support for our existing customers. We wish Hartmut a great joy counting the olives on his beautiful olive trees and enjoying life)

We started as an end consumer with AMAZON Audio when i bought my first AMAZON Model One. I set it up with a Moerch DP6 tonearm, all 47 Lab equipment, and of course my beloved ZYX cartridge.

As much as I loved AMAZON Audio Model One, my only regret was that i had not dived all the way to get the AMAZON REFRENZ model. One upgrade and two turntables later, Hartmut  Janssen asked SORAsound to represent AMAZON Audio in North America.

Hartmut has now become the big brother we love. As for the tables, they are a class act: gorgeous, built with precision and have an amazing sound. SORAsound imports the following models of AMAZON Audio:

For more detailed information, please check Amazon Audio.