Amazon Referenz

AMAZON REFERENZ. AMAZON REFERENZ turntable has been my reference turntable for years. its power supply, bearing and a few other stuff are now upgraded over the first few models i had. this means now we really have AMAZON REFERENZ REFERENZ!

AMAZON REFERENZ features include:

Technical Facts:

Dimensions (drive) (WxDxH): 470 x 450 x 150 mm
Dimensions (motor unit)
120 x 450 x 115 mm
Overall weight: 33 kg
Platter weight: 12 kg
Platter diameter: 320 mm
Speed: 33 rpm and 45 rpm fine adjustable
Bearing: Inverted Steel / ceramic-bearing
Drive: DC-Motor with AMAZON LSC Speed Control
Power supply: NiMH batteries with automatic charging unit
Tonearms: tonearms till 10″ and tangential tonearms

Last but not least, AMAZON Audio introduced a new turntable called First Choice in 2009, at the Munich Audiophile show. AMAZON Audio First Choice is priced at 26,400 euro in Germany. Given SORAsound policy to do its best to price our products about the same as the home country of the manufacturer, our prices are the same too so you should not have to be concerned about the extra margins associated with an import.