Musical Affairs Crescendo Loudspeakers

Musical Affairs Crescendo Loudspeakers:

In principle, Musical Affairs Crescendo speakers are “open baffle” loudspeakers. the “baffle” (the soundboard) is however folded into a sound box with a narrow opening on the back. In line with the laws of nature, Musical Affairs choses an “off centre” placement of the speaker in the front panel. A separate wooden frame is fitted inside the box to which the driver is attached. This relieves the front panel of the weight of the driver and allows the box to function freely as a sound box.

Although the “off centre placement of the speaker” will get some getting used to initially, Musical Affairs chose this design solution after extensive testing demonstrating the best sound reproduction quality.

Crescendo loudspeakers are fitted with the 20 cm broadband driver type H21LB15, either with or without a tweeter. Following extensive listening tests with experienced “audiophile” listeners, we came to the conclusion that the speaker in the SAG version (with silver voice coil insulated with silk) achieved an incredibly rich and highly musical performance, even without a tweeter! For those who prefer the version with a 20 cm broadband speaker with a copper voice coil: this version is only available with a tweeter, type TW37. This is mounted vertically on the upper panel and a reflector projects the highest frequencies into the sound field without the usual phase problems.