C 4.1 Speakers

“If sound were a mountain, this could be it”

Raidho C4.1 – the biggest and most uncompromising model in the C series – simply the most outstanding we have ever developed. Apart from the fact that the cabinet stands as tall as the basketball players of the NBA, elegance and majesty are more appropriate expressions for the design. The elegant units are taller than a man and deliver the most harmonious and ultimative sound experience you can get. Only the real thing is better than a C4.1. The sound is as good as it comes, and when you add a solid, but elegantly flexible overall impression, you appreciate the true nature of Raidho C4.1 – it is designed to impress all round.

Whether you place yourself in the ideal position for listening or not, you will hear how the sound creeps all round the room without the slightest strain, even at high listening volumes. With a C4.0 you can listen to your favourite music at full strength and at the same time carry on a conversation with other people in the room. A Raidho C4.0 has the sound perfectly distributed between its many units to ensure a rich, clean reproduction.