Verdier turntables are a classic in the turntable world. Possibly the most famous turntables, and one of the most imitated ones (without success). J.C. Verdier also makes tube amps and preamps. SORAsound is pleased to be representing Verdier.

We love to mate our Verdier turntables with Moerch 12 inch tonearms. How about cartridges? No worries. We have plenty of those (see SORAsound as an analog source). The funny thing is that when I first contacted Monsieur Verdier as an end consumer, he told me about the cartridge he uses. It is nothing we represent and as only a few hundred dollars. Doesn’t matter. It gives you great sound for the synergy it has with the arm and table.

Verdier turntables are all about functionality and music. But somehow they ended up beautiful too. The technical specifications include:

Verdier also manufactures high quality amps, preamps, a phono stage and a pre-preamp. Below you will find a brief description and some pictures.