Wavac Audio

WAVAC AUDIO makes some of the best sounding and most beautiful audio products in the world. Wavac does not compromise on quality. Their products have passed the test of time.

I first was introduced to Wavac products while living in Tokyo. Loved the beauty of them. The sound in my small Tokyo apartment was just gorgeous. From the beginning I ran them with 47 Lab Strato cables. I liked the contrast in the size of the 805 mono blocks and these very thin cables. I do not necessarily recommend that to you. In fact, I think I do not recommend that to you at all. But I am still running my Wavac MD 805 mono blocks with these cables! Either these or Nordost Valhalla cables, my latest long, thin, and magnificent sounding loves.

What about speakers? I run my EC-300B amps with gorgeous MUSICAL AFFAIRS speakers. In a few weeks I will be experimenting my Wavac MD-805 mono blocks with Tom Evans Speakers.

My Wavac Audio amps rest on Finite Elemente Master Pagode Reference amp stands.

All Wavac Audio products are custom ordered and take a few months to build. Wavac has been very good to stick with their original estimated time commitments.

Here is a short description of wavac audio products along with suggested retail prices as of late 2008.

MD-300B this is a 10 wpc, stereo amplifier that includes 3 inputs and has a volume control. the brand alone is worth the asking price! $9,000
MD-300Bm this is 10 wpc, mono blocks amplifier set. $23,000
EC-300B this is the design wavac is known for. true to the tradition of wavac, from its early days. 10 wpc, stereo. $27,900
MD-805m this is a 55 wpc  mono blocks amplifier with gorgeous tubes. $21,900
MD805 MK II 805 tubes are a beauty to look at. enjoy these 60wpc mono amplifiers with external power supplies. $55,900
HE805 is a 50 wpc wavac audio stereo amp. need i say more?  $46,900
HE 833v1.3 talk about power. clean power. great power. these are 150 wpc mono block amps.  $76,900
HE-833 MK II 150 wpc, mono block amplifiers with their own external power supplies.  $150,000
SH-833 if need be, we will custom install these 150 wpc, Reference Wavac Audio Amplifiers composed of  8 Chassis.  $350,000
PR-T1 this is a beautiful Wavac Audio Pre-amp Transformer Coupled composed of 3 Chassis.  $30,900
PR-Z1 Transformer Coupled preamp is the latest preamp Wavac Audio makes and is moderately priced, so to speak.  $20,900
ATT-S Wavac Audio’s Passive Preamp. it has five inputs.  $10,500
LCR-X2 sweet sounding phono stage that has L-C-R Topology and is presented to you in three chassis.  $25,000
AC-1 Power Conditioner. it is derived from the SH Reference Amplifiers.  $33,500
AC-2 this Wavac Audio Power Conditioner is designed for front end components. $21,900