We have many demo products for sale. Some we can not advertise here at discounted price per manufacturer’s policy.
If you are interested in a product you do not see here, please contact SORAsound.
At times we have demo, and used trade-in items that are available – only have not had a chance to post here.

Please kindly note these prices are already pretty low, some well under our cost. SORAsound is known for being fair. We are fair, and expect the same in return. Tire kickers, and those coming with a wild offer will lose the privilege of dealing with us in the future. Thanks for your understanding. We love our customers and want to focus on providing the best service to you.



Nagra, Gorgeous and Swiss Quality 40% off

We have the following Nagra items for sale:

Classic Integrated amp

Classic DAC

Classic CDT


Isolation bases.

These have less than 10 hours on them. In new condition. 

All box, manuals, etc. available.


ZYX phono cables and speaker cables

YES. ZYX makes cables and they are really good. Hard to beat ZYX phono cables. Demo models available. Please contact us for details.

Onzo Zerodust cartridge cleaner $25 (same as in Japan)

SORAsound provides Onzo Zerodusts to its existing customers for $25 (about same retail price as in Japan).

I have seen zerodusts for around $31 on Amazon and a bit higher on eBay.

For those who want the best and most effective means of cleaning your cartridges, stay tuned for what we offer from ZYX.

For those of you who prefer a less expensive means, we are trying out a product one of our dealers has recommended. Also many of our customers use Magic Eraser. Doug Deacon says “it works like a charm.”

Nordost cables and accessories

We have a lot of demo Nordost cables, Qx4 (5 units), and SortKones (bronze and titanium) open box, never or just very little used.  You will love them. Call please for details.

Moerch DP6 and DP8 Black Limited Edition Demo

I have both Moerch DP6 and DP8, in black, rare and gorgeous, perfect condition demo models available.

The DP6 was used a few hours. The DP8 was shown at the RMAF and then used for a review.

Please call for details. Thanks.

Moerch UP4 Used

A dealer of ours just upgraded his Moerch UP4 to DP8. He kept his armwand and sent us the rest of the arm. Don’t worry, we give you a new armwand.

So here is your chance to have a great tonearm at a great price. Please contact us for details. SOLD.

CABLE SALE: Nordost ODIN; Ansuz C, D; and Stealth Sakra I, II

The best of the best. We have far too many extra cables, some never used. In XLR and RCA, digital and phono cable. Many lengths. Some power cords.

All demo models, most never used or with less than 10 hours. All aficionados know these are some of the best cables ever.

Please call/write for further info.

KL Audio record cleaner, demo model

Have a gorgeous KL Audio record cleaner for sale! My own demo model. Please call for details.

Graham Phanthom II armwands

I have two standard lengths armwands and one large one.  All new, never used, still in their wrapping. Please call for details.

Moerch DP6 Gold Precision Red, Used

My customer upgraded his DP6 to DP8, Hans Henrik’s latest masterpiece. The arm is in very good condition. I have sent it to Moerch for check up, and cleaning. It is yours. This is your chance to have a beautiful tonearm at a great price. Please contact me for details.

JRDG Continuum and 825

Demo floor models with very low hours available.

JRDG Continuum retails $9,500

JRDG Continuum with DAC retails $9,850

JRDG 825 retails $32,000

For your prices please call. Please note we donot sell in territories with existing dealers.

Graham Phanthom Latest & Greatest

An engineering masterpiece with less than 5 hours. Mehran’s personal demo.

Call for details.

Graham Phantom-UNIverse