Lindemann 855 Dual Mono amp 75% == $3,495

$3,495. This unit belongs to a very good and trustworthy customer of mine.

I have very limited knowledge about Lindemann products. I have seen them at the shows and liked them very much. They certainly are beautiful.  Googling I saw some good reviews including this one:

From my search, it appears the retail price was $13,900.  Your price is

Here is a description from my customer:  “I purchased the amp new in 2010 from a [city name deleted] dealer for $13300. Suggested text/pictures below.

Lindemann 855 Dual-Mono Amplifier

One owner, mint condition.
240 watts @ 8 ohms, 450 watts @ 4 ohms.

• True dual mono construction
• Fully balanced design
• Innovative high-power output
• Optimized power supply
• Comprehensive protection circuits

The 855 amplifier features balanced inputs; two separate power supplies carefully regulated and filtered; high band-width voltage gain stage; 16 output transformers/channel organized into groups of 4 in an H configuration maintains current flow ensuring detail, agility, and delicacy normally associated with low powered amps.”

I only have one picture, and I do not want to open the box to take more pictures.

I am sure you will love it.

PLEASE NOTE: This unit is sold as is. There are no refunds or exchanges. The unit works perfectly and looks very good. Rating at 8/10 conservatively. I do not represent this line and offer no warranties. Will not sell to individuals with zero or negative feedback (unless we talk on the phone). Low ballers are politely ignored and will never be dealt with. I appreciate you taking the time to read this and hope to gain your business and friendship on this or other products we have.