ZYX Demo and Used

At this point we have the following demo and used cartridges on sale. In general our demo cartridges come with six months warranty and our used cartridges come with 3 months warranty.  Please contact us for pricing and further detail.

ZYX UNIverse ii, demo — Three units available. one, being used by a reviewer who loves it much, another used by Harry Pearson. My own demo cartridges are of course always available.

ZYX UNIverse — three used units: Doug Deacon’s, Arthur Salvatore’s, and one from a customer who upgraded to UNIverse ii. All have been checked and cleaned by ZYX.

ZYX 4D, used — this cartridge has less than 150 hours on it. It belonged to a customer I fully trust. Furthermore the unit has been cleaned and checked by ZYX

ZYX R100 Fuji.  used by a customer who loved it so much, upgraded to a UNIverse I in a couple of weeks!

ZYX Headshell.  used by a reviewer for a few hours only.