Congratulations to Mark DiNucci

March 4, 2010 :: Tags: , :: 3 Comments

I have already been waiting a few months for my own DiNucci Bike. As it turns out Mark was preparing for the Hand Made Bicycle Show. He is such a perfectionist that he won the award for Best Lugged Frame.

Mark does everything handmade, using pretty basic tools, and absolutely with no compromise. Mark does not try to save money or cut the corners. If the end product will have his name on it, it better be darn good. My kind of guy who also happens to be an audiophile, a lover of analog naturally. To my estimate, Mark can make about 24 bikes a year if he is lucky. In fact, if we are lucky. I am number 2 on his current list. Man, I hate being anything but number one. Grateful being on the list though.

Pictures below are courtesy of urbanvelo.org.