SORAsound and ZYX

April 6, 2009 :: Tags: , , :: Comment

SORAsound has been built on the guiding principles of bringing the audiophile community true value for money, world-class customer service and integrity. as a result of new marketing strategies implemented by ZYX, we will not be replenishing our inventory of ZYX products. our existing stock meets our definition of true value, especially with our revised pricing. for our wonderful loyal customers, please be assured that all ZYX products sold by SORAsound are covered by the manufacturer’s full warranty, and that cartridges can be retipped by the manufacturer if needed. if you’re seeking the highest return on your investment in an audiophile cartridge, now is the time to buy. we sincerely wish ZYX the best.

SORAsound at RMAF

September 24, 2006 :: Tags: , :: Comment

after years of avoidance, i am “forced” to attend a show…. well, on the bright side, it is not in vegas. SORAsound will be attending rocky mountain audio fest (RMAF) from oct. 19 to 21st. chris brady has been kind enough to host me. i will have ZYX, moerch, and zerodusts with me. i am actually pretty excited about it and sincerely look forward to meeting many of the friends i have made in cyberspace….so, if you are going there, please let me know so i can look you up.

ZYX R50 BLOOM phono cartridge

July 13, 2006 :: Tags: , :: Comment

ZYX R50 BLOOM was born for audiophiles with limited budget but champagne taste. why bloom? in all honesty, maybe i did not choose the most becoming name! i meant to indicate the blooming of a flower (i.e. entry level of ZYX phono cartridges line) and got carried away…after discontinuing R10, R20, and R30, we decided to have ZYX BLOOM (R50) as our entry level ZYX cartridge.  i can not imagine you can ever find such a great separation of channels and neutrality for such a price.

ZYX ARTisan phono stage

June 13, 2005 :: Tags: , , :: 1 Comment

ZYX ARTisan phono stage made by hisayoshi nakatsuka san of ZYX, CO. nakatsuka san asked SORAsound to be the first ZYX distributor to market his phono stage. ZYX ARTisan design is simple, yet clever – both inside and outside. it has inputs for both moving coil (MC) and moving magnet (MM) cartridges. you will not need to use the ZYX CPP-1 pre-preamp with ZYX ARTisan.

ZYX headshell, LIVE 18

May 13, 2005 :: Tags: :: Comment

ZYX headshell, called LIVE 18 was born. this was a project that nakatuska san had started while ago and picked up again due to mehran’s encouragement. result is a beautiful headhell that comes in silver and black. it is sure to improve the sound of a tonearm and your cartridge.